Welcome to Panacea Pharmacy

Panacea Pharmacy is registered in terms of the Pharmacy Act, (Act 53 of 1974), as a community pharmacy. We adhere to the code of Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP), in the process of storage, compounding of prescription medicines, dispensing and supply thereof, to ensure: safety, quality and efficacy of medicines. We have clean sterile facilities and offer a variety of services as seen below..

The facilities

Panacea Pharmacy has a clean room facility to provide custom compounding of prescription medication. We adhere to the code of Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP), This facility has Full Certification.

The Sterile Facilities

Aseptic processing is performed in a validated Class 100 clean room with HEPA filtration to maintain sterility of the products and prevent contamination by micro-organisms and particulate matter.

Ask the Pharmacist

This service will provide you with general information for reference purposes only, It is always best to consult your doctor before treating any medical conditions

Medical Professionals

Panacea Pharmacy can prepare medications on order from doctor’s that require specialised formulations for their specific patients.

Common Products

Tailored to suit individual-specific healthcare needs


An injection is a method of putting medication into the body of the patient with a hollow needle and syringe


The major benefit of using creams or gels compared to capsules is that the amount of medication required is much less.


The major benefit of using sprays is that sprays are able to deliver more than 90% of most medications.


Troches are similar to a lozenge. They are specifically designed to dissolve in the mouth over a period of 15-30 minutes.